What is the best blog solution for Magento 2 website ?

What is the best blog solution for Magento website ?
What is the best blog solution for Magento 2 website ?

I used few blog extensions of magefan.com , aheadwork and Mageplaza but I uninstall all of them .


1. Those extensions can make my site load slower because they have a lot of class and files and make site load slower than normal. they have few errors too.

2. Copy article from another blog to my block some time was broken. Because other blogs almost using wordpress and content on them suit with WordPress only.

What is the best solution ?

With my purpose, I think wordpress is best for blog in Magento ūüėÄ . You can write blog in WordPress and create a link from Menu Magento site to wordpress blog. A lot of big sites do the same thing.

You can use my free extension to create new Menu to link in WordPress.
Longtt_Easymenu extension.

Feel free comment and I will answer you in free time.

How To Upload Image In Magento2 , Custom File Uploads in Magento 2 (100% work)

I don’t know why 2 top topics in google don’t work because¬†silly things.

this link :

how to upload image in magento2

It doesn’t work because

$path = $this->_filesystem->getDirectoryRead(DirectoryList::MEDIA)
_filesystem used without declaring in contruct method.
In this link https://www.smartiehastheanswer.co.uk/magento2/custom-file-uploads-in-magento2.html
It doesn’t work because don’t have instruction about create form with enctype
$form = $this->_formFactory->create(
[‘data’ => [‘id’ => ‘edit_form’, ‘action’ => $this->getData(‘action’), ‘method’ => ‘post’ ,’enctype’=>’multipart/form-data’]]
I will prepare time upload extension have upload function only soon